Chinese Meal

It was my Mums friend, now my friend too… I hope… Engagement party tonight. I felt a bit nervous about going as it was at a Chinese restaurant. I hate Chinese, the food not the people.

It’s mainly because I’m such a fussy eater. I hate to try new things. Such a child. Well, we went along and had a pretty darn good evening.

P2 fell asleep on the journey there and stayed asleep the whole two hours we were there. Quite happily in her carseat, she grizzled near the end and I gave her a feed although she was half asleep during it and was put straight back in her carseat where she slept until we got home.
20130527-125218 AM.jpg
P1 was beautifully behaved as always when we go for meals. I’m quite proud of that. She’ll happily sit at the table but at the same time we did let her get down for a bit as it wasn’t busy where we were sitting.

P1 tried using chopsticks tonight. It was utterly adorable to watch and she did really well.
20130527-125431 AM.jpg

20130527-125449 AM.jpg
I tried lots of different foods because it was a buffet style Chinese. I’ve found out that I like Satay Chicken without any sauce. I like duck. Chicken wings. Oh and of course I had to have chips.
20130527-125505 AM.jpg

20130527-125511 AM.jpg

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  1. Laura Cartwright

    I enjoyed reading this hun and yes you sure are a friend of mine too always xxx

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