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We are heading into the Easter holidays. For us, they are pretty long. P2 always gets an extra week or so as her nursery runs as a private one and not strictly alongside state school holiday times. P1 has two weeks the poor sod. Any way, it’s definitely time to start thinking about activities, days out and things to do during the time we have off.

When we went to see my Mum back in Essex recently we decided to take the Chocolate Lolly Maker with us. I was interested to see how it worked and with my Mum and Step-Dad still in recovery after their kidney transplant operations, I thought this would be a great activity for them to do together, possibly at the table if need be.

The Chocolate Lolly Maker kit has everything you need to make cute little lolly pops in your own home. Inside the box is the lolly wrapper unit, four lolly moulds (heart, flower, bunny and pony), two moulds holders, eight message stamp moulds, chocolate melting unit, spoon and stirrer, reusable sticks, gift bags for wrapping and ribbon. All the extra bits, except the moulds and holders, fit inside the wrapper unit which is brilliant for space saving.

It sort of goes without saying that you need to buy your own chocolate for this kit. We bought a normal bar of chocolate before reading that you should use chocolate buttons or drops. After using the lolly maker I can really see that using the correct type of chocolate would make it much quicker. To melt the chocolate you pop hot water (not boiling) from the tap into fhd melting unit. You then place the chocolate and wait.

Whilst waiting, prepare the moulds. P2 chose a pony and P1 a bunny. The Chocolate Lolly Maker is suitable for aged six and over, however I think with adult supervision this would be a great learning experience for a younger than six year old too. You pop a resuable stick in the bottom as instructed by the leaflet supplied. Once the chocolate is completely melted, stirred to remove air bubbles, you can spoon or pour the mixture into the moulds evenly.

To solidify the chocolate you can either put them in the fridge or freezer. Obviously a freezer is quicker but bare in mind the freeze time if you want to put a message mould in the back of your lolly. You have to wait for the chocolate to be just starting to set and then the message mould can be gently place on top. The moulds are easy to remove from the chocolate and they looked brilliant!

The wrapping system is super easy to do too. Just slide the lolly stick into the wrapping unit and put a bag over the top. There’s an easy to use turner which helps to wrap the bag over the top. You can then tie the ribbon around the seal. I loved how they turned out, they actually look really professional and the girls really enjoyed making them too. Of course they preferred to eat them, but I think they’d make a perfect gift for a family member or friend.

You can buy the John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker for under £20 on Amazon which is brilliant I think!

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Really lovely idea for gifts and treats. Simple to use.

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  1. My girl asks for a lolly maker every year for Christmas and they never look that good. This one looks fab! The lollies turned out so well. I love the wrapping too it’s so pretty x

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