Christmas Day 2016

I was woken up by the sound of two little voices telling me that Father Christmas had been. I had expected an early morning just like I used to wake up before it was light when I was a child. I was all about to get out of bed when I checked my phone for the time. It was 3:40am! There was absolutely no way it was acceptable to be awake at that time. Even on Christmas morning.

Thankfully P1 and P2 fell back to sleep pretty quickly and when they woke in the proper morning we were able to get Christmas started. It was just after 7am I think when we headed downstairs to see if Father Christmas really had been. On Christmas Eve, hubby and I lay out all of the presents into separate piles for each of the girls. This not only makes it easier for them to find, but also makes it look like they’ve got lots too. Which they did.

This year was the first year that Father Christmas delivered sacks under the tree. P1 had kept mentioning the fact she’d like a bigger Christmas tree that could fit presents underneath. The big man obviously heard this request and delivered three sacks to our teeny tree. Which at first the girls completely missed as they were so excited by the piles of presents in our lounge.

I remember opening my presents up super quickly as a child, my girls are the complete opposite at the moment. They seemed to take forever to open them and took their time on each present to check it out and even open the packaging. It was really cute but the morning soon flew by. The girls were really appreciative of all their gifts which was really fantastic. P1 is known for her lack of enthusiasm when given gifts so to see her genuinely happy was delightful.

We put on our Christmas outfits – the girls in Santa dresses, Hubby the new Coca Cola Christmas t-shirt I’d got him and I popped on my reindeer jumper. We then headed to my mother in laws. Hubby’s grandparents were staying with my MiL for the Christmas period so they were there along with his Aunt and Uncle who live in Canada. It felt very special to be there this Christmas.

There was a total of 14 people in my MiLs house for Christmas Day. It was pretty busy, rather noisy but absolutely perfect. My MiL always goes to so much effort when they host things like birthdays and Christmas. The table was beautifully decorated with wrapped up place mats, crackers, scratch cards for everyone and a cute mini Christmas tree in the centre. The children even had the coffee Table decorated with kids Christmas bits and crackers too. It was nice lovely. 

A traditional Christmas dinner with turkey, gammon, pigs in blankets and Brussel sprouts was dished out in a buffet style. There was plenty of food for everybody including seconds and thirds if you are my Hubby. P1 ate loads of Brussel sprouts and extra turkey too. Unfortunately hubby’s Grandad wasn’t feeling too well so ended up joining us at the table a little later but it still felt very festive and special. Hubby won a £1 on his scratch card.

After our dinner, my MiL gave the girls a little bag of treats. There was funny dress up masks, stickers and chocolate treats inside. I thought this was a lovely idea especially as the girls were getting a little restless and tired from the early start we’d had. This kept them occupied for long enough so we could enjoy a delicious dessert of Christmas pudding and ice cream. 

Like I said, my MiL always puts in lots of effort and as usual she’d planned a Christmas secret santa challenge, a quiz and pass the parcel. I didn’t win the challenge, which was to find something useful for the person you were given for under £1 and beginning with a letter from the word Christmas. Pass the parcel kept the girls sitting still for a few moments. We then allowed some iPad time so that the adults could take part in the quiz which my team, The Nickers, won!!

Our Christmas Day seemed to fly by in a noisy, busy, delightlful blur and it was soon time to head home. P3 was falling asleep in our arms and the other two had become quite emotional and naughty. I think that’s the part I hate most about Christmas, the fact that girls just can’t be awake for long enough to enjoy games and movies and treats. They are just too used to a set bedtime.

I loved our Christmas. All of the anticipation and excitement of it was definitely worth it. I feel incredibly sad that we now have a whole year to wait to do it all again. Next year I really hope we will be in a slightly bigger home and able to host our first Christmas ourselves. Did you have a lovely Christmas? Do you have Christmas at home or round family members?

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  1. 14 people for christmas day? Wow your MIL must be an amazing chef and host of course. Merry Belated Christmas x

  2. Aww! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. How lovely!
    Fab photos x

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