Christmas Day 2017!

We had a very different Christmas this year. In the past we have spent it round other family members houses. This year was the first year we’ve stayed at home and I quite enjoyed the change.

It started how every Christmas starts, with opening of presents. We went a little overboard this year. I’m not ashamed about it though as we ended up not spending much due to nectar points and vouchers for Amazon.

Unwrapping and making up the new toys made time fly past. Before we knew it, it was well past our usual time for breakfast. I cooked the girls their favourite waffles with syrup and P3 had crumpets. Nothing fancy but something they all adore.

The girls were all itching to get started on the many activity kits we’d bought them. They always complain of having nothing to do so it was our main priority to stock up on fun things. They started with a bit of excavating of a dinosaur and gems.

We had decided to spread out the presents from family so that the girls had time to enjoy everything properly. After an activity, or two or possibly three they opened up more gifts.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive film. We found Elf to watch and all settled down together. I helped P2 make some of her new Playmobil sets. I always find those sets very therapeutic.

This year as we were not entertaining anybody or being entertained ourselves, we decided to have a dinner that we all enjoyed and would eat. Pizza was the obvious choice and it went down really well. It felt so nice to be chilled and not worry, also to not feel completely stuffed.

I barely touched my phone during Christmas Day. I didn’t open my laptop to do any work. I just spent my time bonding with the girls. Trying to make sure they loved every moment of their Christmas Day despite it being a normal ish day at home for us.

The girls helped me make shortbread scrabble pieces for our Boxing Day. They really loved punching out the shapes and pressing the letters to spell Christmas. I then spent about an hour coating each one with chocolate.

I loved our special Christmas Day at Home. It felt odd and a little lonely but there was something magical about just being there with our girls and taking every second in. I filmed our Christmas below as part of my vlogmas series. I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas too!

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  1. This looks like such a nice day – I love the letter cookies!

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