Christmas Eve Birthday 2017!

Christmas Eve in this household is all about my eldest daughter. This little pickle made her early appearance on Christmas Eve nine years ago and since then, Christmas has changed! We put pause to festive plans to celebrate her birthday.

She woke up quite early, I asked her to wait a little while for everybody else to wake up. Then eventually we all headed downstairs. Hubby and I had played a trick on her by hiding all but one of her presents. You can see her reaction in the video below.

In previous years P1 has been known for being a little ungrateful, she struggles to understand emotions so it’s not done out of spite. This year she was so happy! All of her gifts from us, from family and friends were all super thoughtful and she honestly looked content. Overwhelmed but content.

We usually go to the pantomime for P1s birthday, but after last year’s being a little boring we decided against booking for this year. Instead we gave her a choice of either the cinema or a place called Clip n Climb. I knew she’d decide to go climbing so Hubby booked for P1 and P2 to climb.

We arrive very early for our designated time slot. I was so grateful that they let us climb earlier as there was nobody there at 9:30am on Christmas Eve. Whilst they climbed under the watchful eye and camera of Hubby, I took P3 round the corner for a Jump In trampoline session as she’s too young to climb at the moment.

On the way home we spontaneously decided to grab a McDonald’s lunch. Although we do go to McDs often with P3, it’s rare that we all go as a family. It was such a lovely treat and I definitely feel like the girls are easier to eat out with as they get older, albeit it being a fast food restaurant with tablets to play on!

The girls arrived home to find that their Christmas Eve box had arrived. This year it was a very simple box with sweets, a biscuit decorating kit and some bath bombs. Previous years I have added Pjs and films but this year I couldn’t find the perfect pjs. I really want them to have matching onesies. We then settled down to watch Moana whilst we waited for my MiL to come over to celebrate the rest of P1s birthday with us.

It’s been a little thing of my MiLs this year that the girls get giant/life sized Melissa & Doug toys for their birthdays. P2 had a Chihuahua and a Labrador, P3 had a pig. P1s most favourite animal or soft cuddly that she collects is a Panda, and that’s exactly what my MiL gave her for her birthday. It’s huge and now sits proudly at the end of her bed surrounded by the rest of the Panda collection.

A picture above of what our kittens, Billy and Jake, thought of all the Christmas Eve mayhem!

After opening some more presents from family the girls went off to play with their Uncle. They also finished watching Moana together. It was actually a really relaxed afternoon. Ones that I really enjoy most. We then cooked a buffet style early dinner for all of us and finished off the birthday celebrations with our traditional Swiss Roll birthday cake, complete with nine candles.

Christmas Eve then becomes festive again in the lead up to bedtime. I got the girls to draw some pictures for Santa and together we laid out the treats that Santa and his reindeer would enjoy when they deliver presents. I love reliving these moments with my girls. It’s honestly the most magical part of Christmas, feeling that anticipation of Christmas being just hours away.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve celebrating as a family. It’s actually really hard having a child born just before Christmas. I do wonder what it’ll be like as she grows older. I filmed our Christmas Eve as part of our vlogmas videos, please check that out if you’d like! 

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  1. Bless her – I love the idea of a Christmas Eve box as well!

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