Christmas Gift Guide for Girls 2014

Christmas this year seems to have suddenly slapped us in the face. Thankfully we’ve finished shopping and wrapping for the girls but I have put together a little gift guide for girls aged 4+ seeing as I have three princesses.

gift guide

  1. Hobbycraft Felt Owl Sewing Kit
    Girls, and boys, are crafty and I don’t think you can go wrong with craft bits. P1 herself has just started to enquire about sewing and there’s some great kits out there for beginners.
  2. My First Baby Annabell
    Every little girl loves a dolly. I think it’s certainly built into our nature to want to care for things.
  3. Disney Frozen Figurine Set
    Have you heard?! Frozen is a big hit. This little set would really bring a little girls play to life.
  4. Doggie Doo Game
    To be honest, I don’t quite approve of this game myself, but for the past two years it’s been top of the list for P1. She should be pleased this year…
  5. Sylvanian Families
    We’ve actually been gifted the Chocolate Rabbit Family to help with my gift guide, however, Sylvanian Families hold a special place in my heart and my MiLs. My earliest memory of SF is of playing the Sylvanian Families board game which my Grandad still has. I was obsessed. They have started to be introduced into our family over the past few years. I’d suggest buying for an older child as I’ve had the pleasure of undressing and dressing these bunnies far too many times already thanks to P2!
    sylvanian families
  6. iPad Mini
    Ok, this is probably far out of everyone’s Christmas budget, but there’s so many educational apps out there and also just general fun games that keep the kids entertained for hours!
  7. Disney Frozen Bed Cover Set
    I want these for my bed… Not sure about the girls?!
  8. Book Gift Card
    You can’t really go wrong with books but having the option to choose their own is great  for independence.
  9. Crayola
    Every parent has had the pleasure of scrubbing pen marks off their children’s hands and face, and their walls, floor, sofa etc. Well Crayola is the only make I know of that is washable. Mess-free creations.

What’s on your Christmas gift list this year?

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