Christmas Gifts For Under £5 With #sdfiverchallenge

For me Sports Direct is associated with my husbands pants and socks. He won’t buy them from anywhere else. We was recently challenged to find some Christmas gifts online for under £5. To me five pounds seems like such a small amount of money to find any decent gifts so of course I was up for the challenge.

I couldn’t wait to do some guilt free shopping but also my first bit of Christmas related shopping this year. I’d never actually been on the Sports Direct website personally and was immediately so impressed at the selection of different stuff that wasn’t sport related. The gift options were brilliant.

There’s a whole range of gifts for all ages in the under £5 section. Things from bath toys to small suitcases, there’s Christmas themed stuff and cute girly things too. I spent £26.90 for six items, it’s worth noting that standard delivery costs are £4.99 to the UK. My total bill was £31.89. Not bad I don’t think. 

For P1 who will be turning nine years old on Christmas Eve I got her:

Character Sew Your Own Tsum Tsum (£4.75) – P1 absolutely loves sewing and this little kit is so cute. It has four cute felt tsum tsum Disney characters to create. It also includes the stuffing needed and this is just going to be perfect for her creative brain.

Terraria Collector Pack (£4) – It goes over my head when P1 tells me about random games she’s loving, then seeing this sparked a memory of when P1 asked us for something Terraria related. So I popped this in my virtual basket.

For P2 who is four going on fourteen I got:

Paint Your Own Unicorns & Fairies (£4.90) – P2 is loving doing crafty things and the other thing she loves is unicorns and fairies, so this was a definite. There’s six little figurines to paint with the paints too.

Character 4 Pack Mini Paint Your Own Figures (£4.75) – I got a little carried away in the paint your own section. They have such a good choice of things so I popped these four princess figurines in for P2. They will make a great rainy day activity.

Lastly for P3 who has just turned three:

Hasbro Pet Shop City Rides (£4.50) – P3 has been collecting these cute toys so I was over the moon to see one in the under £5 options.

Monkey Tree Game (£4) – Ok this one is probably more for us to do together. I used to have a similar game when I grew up and I loved it. It’s a simple concept for a game and I hope that P3 likes it.

So there’s my gifts and every single one of them was under £5. I’m super impressed at the quality of products available at Sports Direct for such a small amount of money.

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  1. My daughter would love the craft item too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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