Christmas Snowman & Santa Fruit Treat

I love baking with the girls. I think it’s a really useful skill for them and I’d like to think I am improving on my kitchen skills. But when I saw these really cute Snowman and Santa fruit figures on Pinterest and generally circulating the internet in the lead up to Christmas, I instantly knew that this would be something P2 would enjoy making with me. She adores fruit, especially berries, so this was going to be right up her street.

All you need to create these little figures are some Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, some Chocolate Chips and either cocktail sticks or some lollipop sticks. I opted for the lollipop sticks purely because we have SO many from the millions of ice lollies my girls get through in one week and I just generally think they are a little less dangerous for children to hold/bite from.

To put the figures together you need to chop one strawberry into two pieces so that the fatter part is bigger than the “hat”. Chop your bananas into chunks or slices and then get your stick of choice. Assemble together with a blueberry on the top of Santa or the Snowman’s hat and then add the little chocolate chips for eyes and buttons.

I was really surprised at how easy these were to put together. P2 even helped me with quite a few of them before she was more interested in actually eating them. I was very shocked to find that all three of my girls wanted to eat these, P1 wanted the snowmen and the other two the Santa’s. Hubby also found them delicious.

I am going to be trawling the internet for other fruit figures that we can make throughout the year so please if you have any ideas, I would love to know!!

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  1. they look awesome, such a festive fruity idea!

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