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Christmas is fast approaching. 42 days away! Last year I had finished Christmas shopping for everybody in my family by October, including all the wrapping up of presents and cards written. This year, it’s been different and I’m really kicking myself about it. In fact it’s making me quite anxious.

So today, I took a walk! Shock horror. I went to Tesco to look and only look at Christmas bits and bobs. Seeing all the sparkles and red is so exciting… I ended up getting some wrapping paper, a book of 100 sticker tags and three HUGE gift bags.

Anway, it got me thinking about Christmas and what we’d all like. My hubby told me about a service that Amazon do. You make a wish list and can share it with family and friends, and the world really. So they can buy things from your list and not know your address. Plus it stops people double buying. Fantastic.

I’ve spent most of today making mine and the girls’ wish lists. I honestly don’t expect anyone to buy anything from there but it was really fun making them and dreaming. Of course if anyone wants to use it to buy some pressies for us then please do…

Here’s our lists: (the reason why hubby is missing is because he claims he doesn’t want anything… Cheaper for me! Just nobody buy him t-shirts… This is meant to be a shared wardrobe……..)
20131112-103659 pm.jpgMy Christmas Wish List

P1s Christmas Wish List

P2s Christmas Wish List

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