“Christmas is all wrapped up”

Last year P1 was very ungrateful for her birthday and Christmas presents. We’d forked out a lot of money to get her a Schleich farm house and various accessories – anyone who knows what I’m talking about will know that a tiny animal costs around £4. At 5 years old, children just don’t understand value.

This year we vowed to spend less. Not because of cost as such but more the appreciation or lack of! Christmas shouldn’t be about who gets the biggest present and certainly not about who has the biggest pile and embarrassingly I saw P1 being like that last year because the years before when it was just her, she was spoilt rotten by me and family!

This year we’ve been lucky. Extremely bloody lucky!! A month or so ago we received a huge delivery from the wonderful people at Fisher-Price. It was their little thank you for being a Fisher-Price Mum over the previous 6months. There’s enough stuff there to sort Christmas out completely for the girls realistically.


But all year we’ve been saving up our Nectar points purposely for Christmas. We’ve collected and used every voucher for extra points or double points etc. I also knew that every year Sainsburys held a toy sale so had been waiting for that to get more for our “Nectar Money”. The sale arrived and hubby went on his own to get presents for the girls. Funnily enough the Fisher-Price goodies arrived whilst hubby was shopping in Sainsburys!

Hubby used £105 of our £111 Nectar balance. Everything he bought was on sale. Yesterday I decided to sort and wrap everything. P1 was having a sleepover with her Nanny, hubby entertained P2 and P3 lay watching me wrap. I really didn’t realise just how much we have to give the girls this Christmas.


The girls are super lucky but we have asked Santa to only bring a few bits because of this. I’m sure that won’t go down too well but I don’t think he should get all the credit this year. We worked hard to make Christmas special. It’s our first year as a completed family. Our decorations went up and I’m super excited now! Christmas is all wrapped up.


Have you got your decorations up? Does Santa bring more toys than you give to your children?

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  1. We always make sure that santa gets them at least ONE biggish thing off their list and the they get a joint sack. So toys that encourage they play together I. E crafty stuff, dvds, duplo, and games. More so that they don’t argue over them bits as they will both use them anyway.
    My tree has been up for 3 weeks and u wrapped most of the girls things last night. Xxx

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