Clarks School Shoes Review

I was forced to get my childhood shoes from Clarks, a tradition created by my Grandad, who had done the same thing to my mother during her childhood and he also had them in his childhood too!!

I went through a phase where I refused to go to Clarks for sensible shoes but the ones I did buy became damaged and thrown out very quickly, much to my Grandad’s satisfaction as he handed over his money for my new Clarks shoes. I’m glad he did drum in the rules about shoes because Clarks will always be my number 1 choice for shoes, especially for my girls.

It’s very important for P1 to have correctly fitting and supportive shoes. We chose to go to the Clarks store back in Essex where we’d been going my whole childhood and since P1 started needing shoes.

The staff are always very friendly and welcoming even when they are extremely busy. All the staff are trained to size and fit shoes accurately and when sizing P1 it showed that she’d gone up by two sizes since she last had shoes. It made me feel rather guilty for not taking her in to get sized sooner. There was no doubt that we’d need to get her some new school shoes right then because she also wears her sensible shoes for home too.


The lady let P1 have a look at the shoes on display and asked her which ones she preferred. She then brought out all the shoes in P1s size. I was looking for a shoe that had more support, could fit her insoles inside comfortably and was simple for P1 to fasten up herself.

Thankfully, the shoe that ticked all those boxes were actually P1s first choice and winning favourite. The lady popped her insoles inside and made sure everything was right. P1 was comfortable and very pleased with her new shoes.

Considering she had gone up by two sizes we allowed her to wear the shoes when leaving the shop. Like all their shoes, they are made from very durable and strong leather which is perfect for playground scuffs and the fact that P1 drags her feet and trips frequently due to her condition. We saw a complete change in P1. She called them her “magic shoes“. She literally ran the whole way back to my Grandads and it made us all rather emotional to see.

We also got sandals for both girls whilst in Clarks that day so spent a fortune. But considering Clarks is nearly 200 years old you can certainly guarantee they are worth every hard earned penny especially as Clarks shoes are not cheap! P1s Trixi Joy school shoes cost £34. We also bought the shoe cleaning kit as I’m quite new to taking care of my own shoes or the girls shoes.

(We used a Clarks voucher sent to us to get the shoes for this post. All photos and opinions are of my own)

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Clarks always have friendly staff, efficiency and quality. Worth every penny.

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  1. Reading this brings back memories of my mum taking me to Clarks to buy ‘sensible’ shoes! I think from my very first pair when I started walking all the way through the secondary school! Did either of your girls get their first pair of ‘proper’ first walker shoes from Clarks? My little boy is just 1 and not walking yet but would be interested to know what Clarks first shoes are like and if they are good at fitting shoes for babies? #WeekendBlogHop

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Both had their first shoes from Clarks. Both went into “cruisers” and they are just fabulous. I’m so pleased with Clarks as a whole. Definitely go there.

  2. Love this and couldn’t agree more. We were always taken to Clarks for shoes when we were little – I remember numerous outings with my brothers and sisters. Now it’s my shop of choice for my daughter’s shoes too because it’s the only place I know we will get well-fitted and well-made shoes.
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

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