Clementoni Princess Magnetic Drawing Board Review

My girls really enjoy getting crafty and drawing. Sometimes I feel incredible guilt when I am just far too busy to entertain the mess that getting creative can bring. Over the years I have come to love Magnetic Drawing Boards and we’ve had many different shapes and sizes of them.


Recently P2 was sent her very own Disney Princess Magnetic Drawing Board as part of our role as a Clementoni Brand Ambassador. She was super excited as not only does she love Magnetic boards but she also loves Princesses too. She immediately wanted me to open it so that she could get to work in creating some master pieces.


Basically a Magnetic Drawing board works by using a stylus which has a magnetic tip on the end, it lifts up the tiny metal particles that are underneath the panel to reveal lines and shapes. The Clementoni Princess Magnetic Drawing Board comes with a stylus, the board itself which has a handy carry handle and three simple magnetic shapes.


All my girls have been known to sit for ages playing with this toy. It’s a really easy way of getting creative without mess and they can also redo their drawings over and over again. The only issue we have found is that the Magnetic shapes tend to get lost quite easily and I wish they were attached just like the stylus is.

The Clementoni Princess Magnetic Drawing Board costs around £13 which is really good value in my opinion. It can be found in most big toy shops and of course online.r

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Value For Money


A classic toy with a cute Princess twist!

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