Clip ‘n Climb Tonbridge Review

It’s no secret that my middle daughter is a little fearless daredevil. I feel like we spend a lot of time figuring out fun things for her to try out to really push her boundaries and we have been itching to take a trip to Clip ‘n Climb. I was a little nervous as last time we planned an activity like this she ended up in tears.

I booked for Hubby, P1 and P2 to go to Clip ‘n Climb. The sessions cost £12.50 per person which includes a 30 minute safety session and an hour in the climbing arena. I had no expectations that P1 would join in as she gets so nervous about things she cannot control or doesn’t know, but booked just in case. Our session happened to be on the day that we had torrential rain so the climbing centre was pretty busy!

We arrived with plenty of time to check out the climbing arena before our safety briefing. I can see why the safety briefing time is so incredibly long, the staff seemed a little disorganised at first but then brought it together. I watched them checking everybody had their harnesses on properly which was reassuring. There was then a safety video just like they do in Jump In, although not quite as captivating if I’m honest. The girls seemed to understand what was expected of them and then they were sent out to start climbing.

For those who are not climbing, like P3 and myself, there is a little cafe serving general snacks and there is a little play area. I do think the play area could be a little more equipped with toys but Clip ‘n Climb in Tonbridge is still very new so I am definitely not judging them on that. P3 seemed very happy for the entire duration of our trip and she gets bored easily so that must be saying something. The cafe prices are not too bad either, everything seemed very clean and well presented.

Before we arrived at Clip ‘n Climb P1 was very nervous. She didn’t want to take part despite watching videos on YouTube of climbing walls and being reassured she would be harnessed in. When we got there, she got straight in and took part quite happily. Honestly at points her face looked terrified but she did it. She gave nearly every single wall a go and I was so incredibly proud of her that evening! Being hyper mobile means she doesn’t have the strength in her arms and legs, this you could really see but she had fierce determination in her face and body.

P2 on the other hand got stuck in. She was up those walls in a second. It always amazes me just how brave she is and how strong. She loved racing Hubby up the timed walls. Clip ‘n Climb has many different types of climbing walls, some push your abilities and even Hubby struggled and some are much easier for the younger climber. You have to be 4 years and above to climb and P2 is 4 and had so much fun trying out all the walls.

There is two extra challenges that you can pay an extra £2.50 each, the Stairway to Heaven and the Vertical Drop Slide. P2 opted to do the Vertical Drop and P1 had a go at the Stairway Challenge. Seriously P2 is fearless. You can see in the video I made below just how brave she was and of course our adventures at Clip ‘n  Climb. I would highly recommend a visit, it’s probably best not to go on rainy days though although everything was still very organised and didn’t feel busy at all. There was only short waits on some of the walls.

Here’s the video I made of our time at Clip ‘n Climb:

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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