Cluster Feed

I experienced a “cluster feed” last night.

P2 fed for about two hours with little breaks. She then followed on with a rubbish night sleep.

I received a leaflet from the hospital advising that as long as strict guidelines were followed, it’s absolutely fine to co sleep with a breastfed baby. I don’t think so… I need my sleep… Proper sleep. When I fall asleep holding her during the day I’m never truly asleep. I’m always aware of everything.

Last night… P2 would not settle in her Moses basket. I seemed to be changing her bum, feeding for forever, putting her down and then 5minutes later she was upset and wanting yet another feed. I stayed strong by keep putting her back down but by about 5am I fell asleep with her on the breast… Next thing I know it’s 7am. Put her back in Moses… Guess who’s awake upset about the Moses again.

Exhausted! She’s either having a major cluster feed without the followed long sleep, a major growth spurt, or she really loves her mummy and needs to be attached at all times.

I really hope she goes back to being an amazing sleeper as soon as possible.

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  1. re: co-sleeping… I’m pretty sure it has gotten me more sleep as oppose to less. Baby still wakes the same amount, I just don’t have to get up to feed her! Don’t know what your situation is though.

    • We have the Moses basket right next to the bed. All I do is lean over and pick her up. We have soft bed toppers on our bed so its apparently not safe. I just have a feeling if I give in now I’ll never be able to get her out.

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