Co-Sleeping In The News

My Twitter and Facebook have gone absolutely crazy about co-sleeping. The news has come out with yet another report about it. I feel quite angry about it all – there’s so many different views on co-sleeping and parenting that it’s hard to know what you’re meant to do with your baby.

I co-sleep. Not all the time, but more often than not. I love having that closeness with P2. I also co-slept with P1 which was against all the rules because she had a birth weight of below the recommended and was also born before the recommended. Co-sleeping is easier, especially with breast feeding, it helps to keep up the supply of your milk because you have that close bond with baby, you also don’t need to get up to comfort your baby so you generally get a better sleep and less disturbed.

P2 always starts her night having a feed with me in bed, she then gets put in her moses basket, when she wakes for her night feed she’ll most likely end up staying in my bed for a good hour or two because I’ve fallen asleep and so has she. She sleeps better when she’s next to me. At the beginning she’d spent all night in our bed, especially when I was still recovering and bleeding.

My health visitor basically told me to have her in bed with us. Why would she say that if it’s completely against the rules!? In the olden days babies slept with their mothers with absolutely no question about it. It was warmer and safer.

I completely agree that it has to be done safely, as in covers and pillows nowhere near baby, don’t smoke or drink if you are going to co-sleep etc etc. But I really believe it has benefited both of us. My biggest fear is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, aka cot death. Why is it nicknamed COT death if most deaths happen because of co-sleeping with their parents… Surely it would be BED death or something. Despite this fear I still co-sleep.

If your baby sleeps better by being in their own bed, well done, mine doesn’t so she will continue to share some of her night with me. No matter what the research says… As a parent we do what’s we feel is best for our baby and all babies are individual and different. Babies that have never co-slept still unfortunately die of SIDS. It’s just something we will never ever be able to prevent fully.

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