Co-Sleeping Troubles

Co-sleeping has taken a turn for the worse, if you’re my OH, or for the better if you are me.

I keep accidentally falling asleep with feeding, which in this heat is pretty easy. P2 will start in her cot and end up in our bed. I have no issues with that whilst she’s small.

However, a few nights ago she didn’t spend any time in her cot, I fell asleep during her last feed and she ended up staying there until morning. That night, we slept amazingly!!!

I love co-sleeping but I do miss being able to sleep in certain positions and enjoying my own space. But I end up missing my sleep when we don’t co-sleep. Tonight, I’ve been awake three, maybe four times and P2 has only been in bed for 4 hours!!

I’m currently feeding her, and trust me, I need sleep so she’s staying right where she is tonight.
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