Colouring Fun With BIC Kids

Art was my favourite subject as a child. I would spend so much time doodling drawings and creating stories with my artwork. I probably went through a lot of art materials and have tried out many different varieties. Thankfully my girls are following in my footsteps of creativity. They love to sit and draw.

It sounds a little silly but I was quite excited to try out the new BIC Kids colouring equipment. I didn’t know that BIC even did colouring things for children and I wanted to see how they matched up to the more well known brands. We were given a pack of pens, pencils and crayons to test out with the girls.

The BIC KIDS Couleur 12 pack of felt pens were brilliant. The blocked tips allowed the girls to make bright and bold colours on the paper. P2 used the felt pens to draw a rainbow on one of her tents that she was drawing. The colours came out easily and with little effort which is great for children. At only £2.99 I think that’s pretty good value for colouring pens!

The BIC KIDS Evolution Ecolutions colouring pencils were a big hit with both P1 and P2. These are ultra resistant and wood free colouring pencils. I love how these are easy to sharpen because they don’t splinter. All these special safety features make them a brilliant pencil for children of all ages. They also have chew proof lead.

The absolute favourite of all for both the girls and me, was the BIC KIDS Plastidecor crayons. Seriously I have not seen anything like them. They look really fragile but they are the total opposite. These crayons are super hard wearing and my girls do love to throw their crayons and bash them around. I think the girls loved that the crayons were super easy to draw with and the colours came out brightly and boldly.

All of the BIC KIDS pens, crayons and pencils are also super easy to wash off of your hands and clothes which makes them a definite must have for children and even schools. Creating art has got to be fun and it’s important for parents to have a mess free adventure too.

The girls had so much fun when I set them a task to create a picture of our summer holidays. P1 created a picture of her sisters and herself with Nanny and Grandad. P2s picture was of us going Glamping with each of our family having our own tent. It was adorable. P3s was a little harder to decipher but still equally creative.

Mumsnet and BIC KIDS has launched an amazing competition celebrating kids creativity, putting 10 lucky winners’ work on billboards across the nation. It’s open from 17th July to 6th August for children aged 5-11 years old. All you have to do is take a photo of your child’s drawing and upload it to the discussion page on Mumsnet here.

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