Concerns About Sleep and Measuring Small During Pregnancy

I thought we’d cracked it. The sleeping situation. They haven’t been a complete breeze but they’ve certainly been easier. An average bedtime starts at 7pm – I get P2 changed and into PJs whilst P1 goes to the loo and brushes her teeth. We have one story together on P2s bed. By about 7:20 both girls are in their separate beds – P1 wiggling around sorting her teddies and having a drink whilst P2 feeds herself her milk and wiggles around. Both girls are asleep within about 30-40 minutes. Sometimes it’s quicker and sometimes it’s longer. It’s nice to be back downstairs before 8:30 and not something like 9:30-10pm. P1 sleeps through the night until 6/7am. P2 stirs at around midnight and then sleeps till 5:30am where I can either get her back to sleep for an hour in her own bed or she joins us in ours.

It’s been quite nice and it’s been like the above for about a month. But the past week has seen a dramatic change in sleeping patterns. The bedtime is still lovely and pretty simple but P2s sleeping has gone back to being like a newborn, or worse!

20140805-075325 am-28405664.jpg

She stir at 10pm, then 12am. I’m usually awake for these so it’s not much of an interference. P2 then wakes at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, give or take. She’ll finally sleep for a few hours and be wide awake at 5:45am!! Back before P2 arrived anything before 7am was classed as early, that’s been adapted to 6am and now I’m always so exhausted by 9am. P2 is napping earlier too because of early rising which just messes everything.

They have a black out blind. She gets her bum changed half way through the night. Nothing has changed in our routine for this sudden change in sleep. Half of the time I’m lucky and can get her to sleep again but this in itself takes nearly 40 minutes and I wonder why I bother?! This morning P1 even woke at 5:45am but luckily was sent back to bed where she slept until 7. I feel sorry for them both. I’m exhausted so they must be too. It reflects in P1s behaviour, however, P2 seems unaffected. It’s only going to get worse when we add a real newborn to the mix! I’m never going to get any sleep.

20140805-075326 am-28406343.jpg

In other news… I saw my midwife yesterday after her having concerns about the baby’s size when I was 28 weeks. Unfortunately they still have a concern. Instead of being 2 weeks behind I’m now 3 weeks behind so am being sent for a scan. I personally don’t feel like there’s a problem, I’m petite myself so surely cannot measure the same as an average person?! But then again, there were no concerns for size with P2 so there is a part of me that’s worrying about all sorts of things like my placenta not working or having to deliver early or not being able to have a labour and needing a caesarean.

Does anyone have any tips for my sleep? Or experienced measuring small during pregnancy? Hit that comment box like crazy!!

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  1. I was measuring small during my pregnancy the whole time. She was about a week behind on growth the whole time. Dr. was concerned about her heart and my amniotic fluid levels and had both of them closely looked at but everything was normal. Dr. wanted to induce at 40 weeks because he didn’t feel like she was growing enough and wanted her out so she could grow faster. She was born on her due date at 6lbs. 5oz. and was perfectly healthy. At 10 months, she is only 5% on the weight scale at 14 pounds but her pediatrician isn’t concerned because she has always been 5% and is consistent. She has only received breast milk (no formula) but she loves to snack ALL.DAY.LONG. She’s above average developmentally knowing several hand signs, a few words, can crawl and walk. I wouldn’t worry too much.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you for such a great comment! I agree, at this point I’m trying not to worry too much. I had a prem baby as my first and then second was born 6days before due date. I think I’m just destined to have complicated pregnancies.

  2. I ‘measured small’ throughout my pregnancy with BB and when I got to 36 weeks my bump stopped growing completely. Iwas sent for a growth scan too – yet she was born a healthy 7lb 8oz. Try not to worry – there are so many factors affecting the size of your bump and as you say you’re small anyway…

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      We’ve had a lot of stress in the family for the whole duration of my pregnancy. I won’t be surprised if something does turn out bad, as horrible as that sounds. I don’t think anythings wrong at this stage though. Hopefully.

  3. I constantly measured small during both of my pregnancys between 3 and 2 cm. I was told you was allowed to be 3 cm’s either way and was never sent for a scan. I had a 6lb12 and a 7lb3 both late, no issues during labour due to measuring small

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thanks for reassuring me. I’m sure I’m fine. I’ve never been classed as normal risk so quite used to all the extra things.

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