Conquered You

I cannot believe it!

I slept half decent last night. It was a huge struggle to actually fall asleep but I must of dozed off at around midnight. The next thing I know it’s 4am!!! I’ve slept for a solid four hours – yippeeeeee!

I struggled to get back to sleep with really itchy skin – mainly my legs. But it’s now 7am meaning another two hours was accomplished.

It’s dark outside, my whole family are still snoozing and I’m awake again trying to battle itchy legs, a rumbly tummy, slight period pain and my OHs elbow under my pillow.

I live such an exciting life right now. Getting at least an hours sleep feels like such an achievement.

16 days until due date

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  1. Is itiching a normal occurrence before pregnancy? Good luck getting your sleep.
    By the way, my blog has moved. Here is the new

  2. How strange- when I was pregnant, I such a hard time falling asleep because my legs were sooooo itchy. I didn’t think it was necessarily related to being pregnant, but maybe it was??

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