Cooling Down In Eynsford Ford

Monday already feels like such a long time ago now. I’m already reminiscing about the sunshine seeing as we’ve had storms and heavy rain for a full day. But I will take you back to Bank Holiday Monday when the weather was gloriously hot and the sun was out. We wanted to do something with the girls but wasn’t really sure.

We woke up later than usual thanks to it being a bank holiday and half term for the girls. I spent a good hour or so with my laptop plugged in, trailing outside so that I could watch the girls enjoy our garden in the morning sun. Then eventually Hubby and I got showered and dressed. As Hubby got out of the shower is informed us that we would be heading to Eynsford as soon as we were all ready. Basically I needed to pack swimming costumes and get the girls dressed in speedy time.

For anyone not local, Eynsford is a picturesque village in Kent. It’s about 7 miles from our home. Whenever we drive through I feel this sense of warmth that takes me into a different period in time. It’s just beautiful and well worth a visit as there’s a few local attractions, brilliant pubs and tea rooms too. We tend to visit here a few times a year purely for the Ford (part of the River Darent). I wrote about our picnic at Eynsford last year.

Ultimately it’s a part of the road submerged by the River Darent where you can paddle and explore the waters. There’s tiny little fish that swim past and a huge sense of community. It’s a simple place to go but it brings my family loads of joy.

Our bank holiday trip was really spontaneous, I had no time to pack a proper picnic so instead shoved a few cereal bars and KitKats into our bag, some towels and the girls chose a toy each to play with down the river. When we arrived it was absolutely packed, as expected on a hot day, but weirdly we managed to park along the road. We picked our spot by the shallowest road area where lorries pass.

I would recommend taking shoes you don’t mind getting wet, like Crocs (I really hate the typical Croc but these are perfect for this type of activity). Pack your swimming costumes and some floating toys to catch. It’s great fun. P2 loved stroking the many dogs that were enjoying a dip, we even saw a horse pass through too. P1 just adores water and exploring nature, with P3 being a little more cautious but splashing her sisters whenever she could.

After nearly two hours in Eysnford, we decided to head home. The weather was very hot and I think we all needed a bit of a break. However, we passed by the Otford Village Fete and just couldn’t resist going in. We had limited cash but it’s always nice for the girls to experience things like the Village Fete. We ended up spending just over £10 with the bouncy castles eating our money rather quickly.

We had yet another brilliantly warm Bank Holiday Monday full of fun for the kids. I love the weekends when we do something together as a family and actually have a good time, with little bickering. I filmed our day out which was an added video from my usual Wednesday and Sunday schedule on YouTube. I hope you enjoy and also had a brilliant weekend yourselves!

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