Coping With Crying

“I need a doctors appointment for my daughter”

“Ok, what’s wrong?”

“This is going to sound silly, but she’s my third daughter so I know I’m not being stupid but she won’t stop crying and I just need to get her checked”

That was the conversation I had last Monday with the doctor receptionist after we’d experienced two or three days of consistent crying with P3. I was worried. Thankfully, they confirmed that nothing was physically wrong with her and she was most likely just a baby that cries more. Fantastic! I remember thinking, it’s been hard enough adjusting to spread my time between three let alone having to spread it with two demanding older ones and one that doesn’t stop crying.

Little did I know that we hadn’t seen the worst of things. She brightened up again last week and we had some lovely days of her being awake, not crying and just looking around the room taking in everything. Then tonight happened. Nothing’s changed but P3 certainly has. I ran the girls a bath at 6:30pm and that’s when it started.

P3 cried. I fed her. She cried. I rocked her. She cried. I changed her bottom. She cried. I bathed her. She stopped briefly. I dressed her. She cried. I tried to settle with more boobie but she wouldn’t have it. Somehow between us we managed to get P1 & P2 to bed, although it took an hour! It was 9pm by the time I got downstairs. We watched Hollyoaks which P3 screamed through. We had dinner, she screamed through that too.

Hubby and I went up to bed at 10pm. P3 still cried. We offered her a dummy which settled her for about 10 minutes before it fell out and the crying continued. I changed her. I took off a layer of clothes in case she was hot. At 12am P2 woke. I wasn’t surprised really as P3 had been screaming continuously but was easy to resettle. The crying carried on, P2 woke a second time but this time it took longer to settle her as hubby couldn’t comfort P3 to keep her quiet.

Once P2 was back to sleep I decided to take P3 downstairs to give hubby some time to sleep. It just isn’t fair that we all lose sleep. It’s now nearly 3am and I haven’t been to sleep yet. Well I’ve had about 10 minutes since 7am. She’s finally asleep but I’m too scared to move. I’ve got to make the decision whether I want to stay down here, which will make getting to P2 when she next wakes harder, or to take P3 upstairs and hope she’ll stay asleep.

What do you do when times get tough? It’s night like this that remind me of the leaflet and dvd I was given in the hospital AND from the midwife when we had our home visit. It was called Coping With Crying. Although I can confidently say that I’d never hurt any of my children no matter how much they cry, that leaflet and website actually has some pretty good advice. It’s been horrible tonight but not because I can’t cope kind of horrible but simply because it’s upsetting seeing my daughter cry so much and not being able to comfort her despite my many efforts.


Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better and quieter day! Yawn . . .

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  1. This sounds so much like my little boy we tried so many things. Like baby massage, cranial osteopathy, bowen technique after he was declared physically healthy. Then a friend pointed out that he may have silent reflux it’s so common now in babies and can also be affected by what you eat. Might be worth looking at if it does continue. X

  2. I can only offer the ‘comforting’ tale from my Mum. I was the third (also only girl). I was also the only crier. So, she knows with certainty there’s nothing she did differently from 1 & 2 who were both relaxed non-crying babies. Some babies are clearly just harder to settle. Apparently I just grew out of it in the end. Hope yours gives you some rest soon.

  3. Oh my, that sounds so tough for all of you. Glad the GP confirmed there was nothing physically wrong – good idea to get P3 checked out though. I wish someone had given me a DVD about coping with crying – I really struggled in the early days with Sophie as she cried a lot too. I took Sophie to my chiropractor and she did some gentle cranial work which seemed to help. Hope you manage to get some sleep later and that P3 becomes more settled very soon. Sending you hugs x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      That cranial thing sounds interesting. I think they’ve done the dvd etc because of baby P. It’s certainly new for this year.

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