Cosatto Story Cotbed Owlet Review

 I was literally jumping off the walls when I was given the opportunity to review the Cosatto Story Cotbed Owlet. At first I was a little worried about the colour as I am very much a person who loves to have my daughters in pink or having pink belongings when we can. When the cot arrived I instantly changed my opinion of the colour. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the cute little owl that features on the two ends is just adorable.

cosatto owlet

The Story Cotbed is a 3-in-1; cot bed, junior bed and a sofa. It suitable from birth into late childhood when used as a sofa, however the junior bed lasts until 5 years. Having said that my eldest daughter is 6 and still fits comfortably with plenty of room and I am still able to lay flat out in it at 4ft 7in so for us, it’s going to last a lot longer. The Story Cotbed has three mattress heights and comes with matching changer top and under drawer storage.

We had originally decided to let P3 be the lucky one and have the beautiful cot to grow with her. So we managed to grab a few hours child free last weekend and got to work putting the Story bed up. It took such a long time, nearly 3 hours or so as we struggled with various parts. Some of the screws/bolts were positioned in a way that made turning the Allen Key near impossible. We also had a slight issue with the under drawer storage; the base needed to be slightly sanded down as it wouldn’t slot in correctly and the holes to attach the wheels were drilled into the top rather than the bottom.

The Cosatto Story Cotbed Owlet is cleverly designed so that you can keep baby safe. When using the changer top you have to move the cot away from the wall which is the recommended position to stop baby getting trapped, however our house is rather small and by having this in that position would have caused more problems for the other children banging their heads and in all honesty I’ve never been the kind of parent to change a baby on a changing mat/area whilst at home. I was a little disappointed at the way the cot wobbled too compared to our previous cotbed.

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P2 moved from cotbed to a mattress on the floor. At the time we didn’t have the funds to get a bunk bed for the girls and in all honesty I felt safer having her closer to the floor. Hubby did some measurements and realised that actually the Story Cotbed would fit quite nicely under P1s high sleeper bed and with that in mind we made the decision to turn the cotbed into the junior bed and give P1 her very first proper bed. Changing it took another hour due to the same Allen Key issues we had previously.

I feel so much more content with the junior bed mode. Not only is the colour and the owl totally gorgeous, it has given P2 her own little space. She has her clothes all fitted nicely under her bed in the storage drawer which is split into two. She is able to open it and choose her own clothes which is great.

The Junior Bed is a perfect height for little people and teamed with a Cosatto mattress it has given P2 a wonderful place to sleep. She now sleeps through the night! For our family it definitely suited being a junior bed and has created a perfect solution. We’ve even recycled the cot changer into a really handy messy play tray for Playdoh, arts and crafts and general sensory fun.


The Cosatto Story Cotbed Owlet costs £450. When you take into account the fact it has three modes, top changer and storage included it is a good price.


Easy to Assemble
Value for Money

Adorable and stylish. Difficult to assemble.

User Rating: 3.75 ( 1 votes)

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