A Country Walk At Lullingstone

I am so incredibly pleased that we have seen the back of winter now. Although saying that it still seems super freezing outside doesn’t it?! A week or so ago, we were graced with some sunshine and it finally felt bright and summery.

(The photo above is courtesy of my aspiring four year old photographer – P2!)
We decided to head for a little country stroll. We don’t usually just decide to go for a walk, our trips out always tend to have a reason like to see animals or play in a park. But this trip was purely to get some fresh air and some sun on our skins. Hubby found a local country park called Lullingstone Country Park.

There is a castle at Lullingstone although it was open when we visited unfortunately. We popped P2 and P3 in our double pushchair and headed for a walk along the river and then up across some fields. It felt good to be out of the house and enjoying nature. I honestly think it did wonders for my mood and thankfully there was also a brilliant playground there for the girls to enjoy.

As we were heading home, feeling very relaxed, we received a phone call from P1s school to say she had been sick. So we had to rush back to the school to collect her. Funny enough our lovely chilled out morning turned into not only P1 being poorly but also P3 and myself. That then scuppered our chances of enjoying the brilliant weather we had at the time and so I will only have a short mini vlog of our trip to enjoy memories from…

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