Cracked And Sore

Three days of breastfeeding my nipples became very cracked and sore. Every time P2 latched I’d wince in pain and suffer the whole feed just wondering how long I could cope with this before I was forced to give up.

On day four, we visited my MiL and she suggested a nipple cream and that although expensive, Lansinoh was a great product. So I immediately sent my OH to fetch some cream.

7F8366A2-51BB-4938-976F-7DE396B3084D-1911-000000CAAD18889C_zpsa925ca61The cream is quite hard when you squeeze it out. You have to massage in your fingers before applying to your nipples.

You can purchase a 40ml tube of cream from Mothercare for £9.99 which I personally think is quite expensive, but it is totally worth every penny because you literally need a pea size or even smaller amount of cream per nipple so it lasts a while. The cream doesn’t smell/taste of anything so baby still latches perfectly.

I was lucky enough to have soft, healed and beautiful pain-free nipples again in just two days of using the cream after every feed. I was amazed and completely over the moon.

Lansinoh saved my breastfeeding experience and we are now on week ten of breastfeeding and both of us are loving every second of it, accompanied with our storage bags and breast pads.

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