Crafty DIY For All The Family

Let’s face it, DIY jobs around the house aren’t actually that fun! In fact, they are more of a chore that you leave on a list of things that need doing for as long as you possibly can.   

With the kids off school for summer these jobs are just going to get put off for even longer! Firstly you want to spend time with your children not be doing chores that aren’t urgent. Secondly, as if having the children around will allow you the opportunity for the peace and quiet you need to get on with anything!

But what if the kids could help? That’s not to say you should have your seven year old re-wiring the plugs or hanging a shelf but rather something a bit more fun! Crafty DIY you can do as a family offers both an opportunity to spend time together having fun and producing unique items you can dot around the home providing reminders of that time together. Then those items that you have been piling up to fix can be thrown away (or added to the craft box) to create new, more personal items.

Pick up your craft Supplies from Homecrafts, search through your old belongings around the home, raid the recycling box and move those crafty DIY jobs to the top of your to-do-list. Stuck for ideas? Here are a few to get you started:

Creative Plant Pots:  

As many plant pots and vases as we acquire over time, we never seem to have enough, constantly searching for one each time we get a new bunch of flowers or pot plant. Craft something useful that you can add to your collection! Recycle an unused and unlikely item that you have found around the home; an old shoe or jam jars perhaps? Then turn it into a talking point that will compliment the beautiful flowers that you put in it. Or why not add a quirky touch to existing ones?

Build a Birdhouse:

If you have been meaning to get around to either buying or building a birdhouse for the garden, then why not make it now with the kids? Get them to draw out a design and then use a selection of recycled items to start building, before the kids decorate it.

Get Baking:

The kids will love getting messy in the kitchen and this is ideal for those inevitable rainy days that will occur over the seemingly never-ending six-week break.


Get cutting, gluing, sticking and painting to create some games that both you and the kids will enjoy, long after the last piece is stuck together and the craft supplies are put away.


Why spend hundreds on artwork when you can create something more personal and meaningful yourselves? Once the artwork is complete why not make the frame as well?  

Photo Frames:

You can never have enough photos of the family around the house, but if you are going to display a photo you want it in a special frame. What could be more special than a frame that you have created as a family?

As you start creating items for your home with the kids, you may find that DIY is a bit more fun than you first thought!

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