Crate Creatures Surprise

I’ve always loved to give the girls a little treat at the end of the school year. It’s my way of saying well done for such a busy year. It seemed super fitting that P2 would be given a monster, seeing as the card she signed for her Teaching Assistant was a picture of a monster with “A Thank You From Your Monster Student”.  The new Crate Creatures Surprise was the perfect treat.

There are four Crate Creatures to collect; Snort Hog, Pudge, Blizz and Sizzle. You can actually tell which monster you will open as it clearly states it on the packaging, along with lots of facts and instructions on how to use your crate creature. I’m not entirely sure what the surprise element is. I was super impressed that the packaging of the box, or the crate, is actually part of the toy so don’t throw it out. The tops and bottoms are plastic and the middle walls are cardboard. I am a little concerned how that will wear in the future but for now it’s a brilliant idea.

There are a few cable ties attached to the lock and chain which will need supervision or assistance to be removed, but then your child has to release the monster by using the crow bar supplied. Blizz was shaking about inside making lots of noise giving it a bit of a “creepy” (P2’s words not mine) feel to it. It’s super easy to actually release the box which is always great and can be done without adult help.

P2 definitely loved the excitement of opening up the crate. Blizz requires batteries however has some demo ones included for immediate play fun. You have to switch him from demo mode to on or off and there are two different volumes too.

As you can see Blizz is a soft fluffy Yeti from frozen caves of Icicla. He comes with his favourite food – an ice lolly or frozen popsicle. He makes over 45 sounds which are activated in different ways; pulling his tongue, shaking him, turning him upside down. You are also able to record your voice and he speaks it back to you in his monster voice.

We’ve loved playing with Blizz. He’s cuddly but also gross all at once. He sells for around £40 and would make a great birthday or Christmas present!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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