Crayola Doodle Delirium Board Game Review

I have been a fan of Crayola for a very long time. It is my go to brand for drawing and painting material for the kids because quite frankly, they wash off everything! I recently was made aware that Crayola are now producing games and this completely excited me as I’ve been trying to gather a bigger collection of board games for us to bring out on rainy days.


The Doodle Delirium is a game all about getting creative and then guessing. It’s a lot like a game I had as a child however it’s suitable for a younger age which is great. Players as young as 8 years old can get in on the fun which I think is fantastic. The game comes with the game board, 4 pip squeaks playing counters, a dice, a pen, a sand timer, a lump of clay, a doodle pad, a paper mash-ups pad and 140 game cards.


The game cards are set into four sections; Oodle Doodles, Model Madness, Paper Mash-Ups and Scribble Riddles. Not only that but each section is also divided into different challenges so for example the Paper Mash-Ups has two sub categories that are Pen or No Pen. Which really mixes up the game play in my opinion.


You have basically got to roll your way into the centre to win. To move along you have to complete a challenge from each colour or card. This game has to be played in teams of at least two and to complete a challenge your team members have to guess correctly so that you can move forward. I love that each card gives you various options to pick from and there are harder and easier ones on them.


I think this game is such a clever idea for getting creative and having a laugh with friends, family and anyone else who fancies a game. I love that there are options to have a fast play game or the full length game too. The Doodle Delirium has a different range of price depending on where you buy it from, but I’ve seen it for as low as £15 which is a fantastic price and would make a brilliant gift for an older child or even an adult who wants some silly fun!


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Value For Money

Fun for All

A bright game for the entire family. Great for getting crafty and the imagination running wild.

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