“We created our first Friday Movie Night!”

There’s an enormous community that comes with being a blogger. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs via the Bloglovin’ app. I tend to follow parent bloggers because I can really relate to them. It also gives me an insight to how other people live or parent and I’m guilty of comparing. Then Molly at A Mother’s Always Right wrote a post that inspired me about her Friday night traditions.

We live our weeks with the same boring things happening day in and day out. No traditions. No special treats. Just play, cBeebies, dinner and bed! I see how quickly life is passing by every time one of my daughters surprise me with something new. Like the letter from P1s school of the extra help she’ll be getting, like the full day of using a potty that P2 has done today and the way P3 is turning herself on her side further and further. That’s just the past 24 hours!!

Last night, we created our first Friday Movie Night.

film night

We decided this on Wednesday and P1 has been counting down the days excitedly. We rented a movie through the Apple TV, How To Train Your Dragon 2. Unfortunately, P2 didn’t last very long and was put to bed. Hubby followed her as he’s been in complete agony with his tooth.

Despite the disappearance of half the family, P1 and I really enjoyed the movie. P3 slept in my arms relatively peaceful. We had popcorn and pjs. I want to push for a Friday night movie night. I want the girls to feel excited about something each week.

What do you do in the week?

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  1. We go out for dinner with my brother and try to keep Fridays free for couple time.

    Lizzie Dripping

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