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First things first. I’ve had a rubbish night sleep. One of those sleeps where you keep waking up and every time you wake up you can’t get back to sleep for at least half an hour! I feel exhausted before the day has even begun.

Nursery is closed. Like I said in my snow post – the whole area halts. It’s not like its been forecasted for over a week?!

Anyway, back to the baking post – Just before I started my maternity leave I became addicted to baking cakes. I actually got quite good at it until I ran out of Stork and kept forgetting to buy more. Of course P1 helped me to some extent… A quick stir, decorate one or two cakes, sit licking the bowl completely clean…

It’s tradition at work to bring in cakes on your birthday. But instead of buying them – which is what everyone else does – I decided to make them. These were my first creative baking cakes. Cakes inside an ice cream cone with buttercream on top as the “ice cream” and a chocolate flake on top. These went down nicely with everyone except my boss who seemed to think I was cheating the “bringing cakes” tradition.

On my last day at work I decided to bake some more funky cakes as a “Goodbye” gesture. These were my second creative baking cakes. And once again my colleagues loved them. Making these is literally baking a big cake in a tin, crumbling the mixture into “bread crumbs”, then mixing buttercream and sticking the mixture into a shape. I then covered them with coloured icing and decorated.

Ok I cheated these ones. Only because I used a cake mix rather than making my own mix. These were my third creative baking cakes. Everyone must know of the Moshi Monster craze… Well P1 is caught up in the middle of it. So when she spied the cake mix during our weekly shop I couldn’t resist. These were made like the smileys. They looked disgusting but tasted alright in all honesty. I still prefer my mixture though.

For my daughters birthday party I wanted to make small cakes for everybody to enjoy rather than one big cake that you slice up and put in party bags. These were my fourth creative baking cakes. They are just simple fairy cakes (without the wings) covered in icing. Everyone loved them at the party. Especially the smaller ones with animals on.

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  1. Wow I love those!! Beautiful 🙂

  2. Oh my! Those are amazing! Well done to you.

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