“Crying is a way of expressing emotions”

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Butter wouldn’t melt…

So P2s routine is going great today. Slightly off the times by like half hour or so… But other than that… Good! P1 is another situation altogether.

There was me thinking P2 was the biggest of our worries but I actually think it’s P1 that needs some sort of structure. My usually very relaxed, happy and bright little button has turned into something I just don’t recognise anymore.

She cried. More than her baby sister. She cries at everything and anything! She’ll cry if she can’t get her food on her fork, or if her shoe isn’t done up tight enough, or that she wants panda to come to school even though she knows he can and has been for the past four weeks. Then she cries at normal things, like P2 pulling her hair or her Uncle playing with her toys. Those things are normal kid behaviour, but for a four nearly five year old?!

Crying is a way of expressing emotions. I understand that. What I don’t understand is what’s behind those emotions. Where is she getting this from? Why all of a sudden? Is it school? Is it the bullying from those two boys picking her up?!

I hate the crying. Does that make me a bad mum because if it does then I’m sorry. It’s tiring.

Anyway, we saw the health visitor today, for our moving to the area appointment. She’s referred us to someone that may be able to help with P2s sleeping problem… Or lack of! So that’s exciting. Although I’m hoping they don’t suggest controlled crying as I may bite someone’s head off..

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