As a Grand-Daughter, Daughter, Sister, girlfriend and Mother I know the importance of a cuddle.

Cuddles vary. They mean different things depending on who they are between.

My Grandad tends to squeeze really hard. “I’m never letting you escape my prickly beard”.

My Mum tends to be gentle and warm. “I’ll always be here”.

My brother squirms away. “I’m too old for cuddles”.

My OH makes you feel protected and loved. “I love you”.

P1 used to cuddle for hours but I’m lucky to get 30seconds worth of cuddles now. “There’s more exciting things to be doing”.

P2 – well she has no choice in the matter and luckily she loves to be snuggled on my chest for hours at a time. “Your boobies are the best pillows”.

Everyone needs a cuddle. To reassure or to just show your love for someone. I tend to burst into tears if I’m offered a cuddle on a tough day. It’s a release of hormones.

I didn’t enjoy cuddles during my pregnancy. But since giving birth I cannot get enough of them – from my girls and from my OH. He gives the best cuddles ever!

What do cuddles mean to you? Do you have a different type of cuddle depending on the person?

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