Cusson Mum & Me #voiceofmums – Head to Toe Wash Review

I’ve worked with Cusson Mum & Me recently and was then asked to be involved in the Cusson Mum & Me #voiceofmums campaign. Ok so I didn’t have the privilege to actually be in their pretty awesome video:

But I did get the chance to review their Head To Toe Wash!!

I dread bathtime. I really do. P1 is a breeze but she hasn’t always been and up until recently washing her hair was a nightmare. P2 has always hated bathtime. Literally screams blue murder whenever water was near. As a slippy sliding baby bathtime had to be done at full speed. Switching and swapping between various bottles of shampoo, soap and bubble bath. Then dropping them anyway.

head to toe wash

Move on 19 months to our newest newborn. I was eager to find out how she’d cope with bathtime. Whether she would detest it just as much as her sisters did at this age. But she doesn’t. P3 loves to kick about and submerge her fluffy head in the water. Then we have the task of actually keeping her happy.

The Cusson Mum & Me Head to Toe Wash is a very gentle bath product for baby. It contains Camomile which is known to relax. The absolute best bit about this wash is that I don’t need to juggle a wet baby with bottles of various bath products. There’s just one bottle I need to squeeze with the one free hand I have. The way this bottle is designed is fantastic. I was having trouble before with getting the wash out of the bottle with one hand.

This bottle is one a bit like a handwash soap bottle and extremely easy to function with just one hand. This means I can warm the wash up before putting it on P3. The fact it’s a head to toe wash means that I can wash her hair, body and feet with one wash. Nothing else.

The Cusson Mum & Me Head to Toe Wash can be bought in various supermarkets including Boots for around £3.


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Stressfree Bathtime created

A brilliant bath time product to make baths easier and quicker for mum and baby. Gentle and nourishing to the skin.

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