A Family Day Out At The Eden Project

When we first checked the weather forecast for our little trip to Cornwall, it didn’t look great, but actually it’s been pretty beautiful. It wasn’t exactly warm but it was stunningly sunny which makes a lot of difference. So of course you can’t go to Cornwall without visiting the Eden Project or at least that’s what I’ve been told as actually this was our first trip to Cornwall.


Back in January 1995 the land that the Eden Project is built on was a working china clay pit. In 1998 the Biomes began getting construction and then opened its doors in March 2001. Since then there has been so many workshops and events held here. The Biomes have even been turned into a Big Top at one point!


Pictures do not do this place justice. The Eden Project is breathtakingly stunning. It’s definitely a day full of lots of walking so I’m glad we had our double pushchair with us. We were greeted with interesting facts about science and plants, we walked down the hills towards the Biomes where again there was lots of flowers and plants to learn out.


There are two huge biomes and these are obviously the main attraction. Housing so many different plants inside. We entered into the larger Biome first which is the rainforest one. The heat is absolutely phenomenal, exactly like being on holiday. It was definitely my favourite Biome as it felt like I was experiencing a whole new world.


Inside the rainforest biome there is a hanging platform that you are allowed to go into. It sways slightly and it gets hotter and hotter as you climb over 60 steps. I am not good at heights and get slightly motion sick so I didn’t spend too long up there but the views were just incredible. There are simply not enough words to describe it. Hanging from the biome ceiling above banana trees and the rainforest below us.


We were all pretty sweaty and thankful when we got out the rainforest biome. There’s a handy building that joins the two Biomes that has two restaurants in. A bit like a food court I suppose. It was a gorgeous sight with amazing insects sculptures hanging from the ceiling. We took a picnic for the kids so they were happy and the adults ordered some food. Hubby had a burrito and I had lemon chicken. The food was reasonably priced and very delicious. There was a huge selection of kids food on offer.


After lunch we went for a wander into the Mediterranean Biome. This one was much cooler and manageable for the children. It was literally as if we’d stepped foot off of a plane and steps into Spain. It was so fascinating to see all the different plants that grow in certain conditions. The girls kept shouting and pointing at things they found fascinating which was really cute to witness.


A beautiful sunny day wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream. Especially a locally made one. The ice creams were delicious, the flavours available were unusual too, one of us had a banana and chocolate chip flavoured one and hubby had a strawberry sorbet. Hubby and my MiL experienced a tea tasting session and the girls listened to some story which was fantastic.


We unfortunately missed out the Core which looked amazing because the girls began to get a bit tired and stroppy. We also skipped the zip wire which looked absolutely terrifying that goes over the Biomes. I can’t believe how amazing the Eden Project is and what a fantastic job they are doing with educating people with a fun day out. This is definitely a day out where you probably need weather on your side and I’d definitely pack a picnic.

Here’s a little video of our day out at the Eden Project:


Disclosure: We went to the Eden Project on Media Passes however all opinions are of my own

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  1. What a lovely day. Looks like a perfect place to visit

  2. We love Eden Project, it is such a good and varied day out – did you not fancy the zip over the top?

  3. Looks like you all had a great day out there. I have never been myself but always heard great things about it xx

  4. Lovely photos, this place looks amazing!! Definitely somewhere on my list to go to. Glad you enjoyed it x

  5. I would love to visit – I’ve never been to that area, ever x

  6. This looks like a perfect day! I uses to live in Cornwall and I love the Eden Project, happy memories.

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