De-Cluttering Our Life

I feel like I’m fighting an endless battle with my bedroom. We have so much stuff and not enough storage.

I want to de-clutter. I know for a fact half the stuff in this bedroom will never get used or is just pointless. So it’s my mission to revamp this bedroom.

It’s going to be hard, there’s little working space to start with, I’ll have to fit the de-cluttering somewhere between nursery runs and feeds! It’ll probably be a slow journey to accomplishment. But it have to get it done!!

De-cluttering will not only make my OH and I less stressed as soon as we walk into our bedroom, it’ll help things have order, it will be cleaner and it will hopefully raise some money to go towards our mortgage. Every little helps!

My OH will be rolling his eyes reading this. “You always say you’ll tidy” well, yes I do! And I know this will take a while but it will get done!!

Any tips or suggestions on storage/organisation/de-cluttering?! Much appreciated.

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