Dear Santa… Our Christmas 2014 Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I hope you don’t mind too much but this year I have added another child to your delivery list under this household. I always struggle with choosing presents and the girls have been so lucky thanks to my blog this year that they don’t really need much. In an ideal world I’d love to get a new storage bed for hubby and me, then a bunk bed for P1 and P2 but I’ve settled for the following;

My Christmas Wishlist:

our wishlist

Dinner Set – We have had the same plate set and mugs since we first moved in together in 2012. I love them, but we’ve broken a few pieces and I’d just love to have something new and fresh.

Full Length Mirror – Can you believe we’ve gone over a year without a full length mirror?! Actually you probably could if you saw my fashion sense daily.

Collapsible Background – I want to start expanding my photography accessories. Having a black and white background, with the trail bit, would be perfect for portrait shots of the girls as they grow and for review items.

Clothes – For both hubby and myself. We love Superdry, granted they are an expensive brand but it’s always nice to have a treat.

P1, P2 & P3s Christmas Wishlist:

girls wishlist

Gooey Louie Game – P1 is desperate for this game. I’m not sure I like it but she’s asked me to ask santa for it.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case – P1 is extremely arty and P2 is following in her footsteps with the same love to draw….. On everything and anything!! Their Crayola set was replaced with some cheapie pens which don’t come off walls or skin very easily. This art case it’s plenty of Crayola pens is just perfect. Crayola seem to just wipe off so simply.

Earrings – Both my girls have their ears pierced and have never changed them. I’d like them to have some matching earrings.

Clothes – Girls can never have too many clothes and they are all growing so quick. With P1 wearing aged 4-5years in trousers or 5-6years in tops, P2 has just gone into aged 2-3years and P3 in 0-3months. I love matching items too!

Personalised Blanket – This is for P3. The other two have had their car seat sized blankets since birth with their first and middle names on script, P3 needs her version to complete the set.

So Santa, I hope we haven’t asked for much. The majority of the year we’ve been very good!

Thanks and I’ll leave your special tray of milk, mince pie and carrots.

Love Jodie x

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  1. I think nice warm winter clothes is always a winner at Xmas.

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