Decorate Your Own Wooden Train by National Railway Museum Review

I hate mess. I hate messy play. I’m a pretty boring parent I guess. We have a huge plastic box absolutely overfilling with art stuff. Believe it or not I’m actually quite an arty person deep down. For me to get the art box out requires energy, patience and the right mind set. Today I had one of those moments as we’d recently been sent a Decorate Your Own Wooden Train by National Railway Museum and I was quite desperate to see how P2 would get on.


The kit is actually aimed for ages 4+ and I was toying with who I’d let do it. P1 is super arty and she’s have loved to get her mits on this but P2 spends a lot of time at home just plodding about and playing with toys. I wanted to do a focused activity with her.decorate train

The kit comes with everything you need; glue, paint, paintbrush, stickers and of course the wooden train itself. You have to fix the wheels on with dowels which was the tricky bit for P2.

It was really eye opening to watch her little concentration face. Her tongue sticking out. She’s known for her short attention span and lack of “sitting still” skills but for this she did! It was even s struggle to get her to pack away.finished  Obviously, the train may have looked a bit better if P1 had done it but I’m so proud of P2s ability. It actually turned out better than I expected. Barely any mess and a beautiful keepsake toy that she’s become obsessed with. Proudly showing it off.

You can buy your own Train for £5! Yup, just a fiver for a simple and entertaining activity. With the Easter holidays now approaching, I may have to get one for P1!REVIEW DISCLOSURE

Value for money

Lovely Gift

Simple and excellent quality Decorate Your Own Train. Comes with wooden train, stickers, glue, paint and paintbrush.

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