It’s becoming increasingly hard to breastfeed P2.

As she’s getting older she’s becoming more active and alert. She’s wanting to view her surroundings and flap her arms about. She’s also far too big now for my lap.

Throughout a feed, P2 latches on and off my boob. I never know when she’s had enough anymore because of this and my left boob is very confused. I have one larger than the other… Drastically. I really thought that when breastfeeding was established that your boobs adjust but it’s such a rollercoaster journey. My left boob spends most of her life full, lumpy and painful even after expressing.

I read a post recently of a woman who was experiencing the same problems so I’m hoping it’ll just be an age phase thing and P2 will start feeding for longer and latching fully.

Anyone got any tips?

I just love footless babygros!!

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  1. Well, I’m not sure where you are nursing her or what the environment is like when you do, but…
    When my children were at that stage of being distracted and too “busy” to nurse properly, I would only feed each of them in their bedroom with a fan going for noise and the lights dim or off. This was especially difficult with our youngest because there has always been a lot going on, but I found that the bedroom still worked well with him.
    I’m sorry that you are finding your left side so uncomfortable. 🙁 I have a breastfeeding page with information, resources, and encouragement: If you scroll down, you will see links to some message boards that are for breastfeeding. I would definitely suggest asking around on them about how you might help your left side to be more comfortable!
    Have a great day. 🙂

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