Dinosaurs In The Wild Summer 2018

Back in February I sent my girls with their Grandparents to the VIP Launch of Dinosaurs In The Wild. They had a brilliant time and even went again the following day. A few weeks ago we got an invite to head back to London to experience the Dinosaurs In The Wild for ourselves and to have a talk with a real life palaeontologist.

Hubby and I were really excited as we haven’t been before. We decided to drive to London and managed to park very close to the venue, right next to the Emirates Airline. During the entire car journey the girls were non-stop talking about the experience and what we would be seeing there. They were excited to say the least.

Dinosaurs In The Wild is located in the Greenwich Peninsula, very close to the O2 Arena and like I said super close to the Emirates Airline. The venue is handily sign posted and you’ll even find the odd rogue dino footprint as you get closer. A great touch to the experience. We had arrived early as usual so the girls had a little time to explore in the field/trees opposite. For London, it felt very peaceful.

After meeting with some of the other Mummy Bloggers invited for the event, a quick toilet stop and snack break, we headed behind the scenes for a little talk with palaeontologist Dr Darren Naish. If I’m completely honest the girls were not interested in the talk on dinosaurs however, I found it so interesting. I love all of that sort of thing and hearing him tell us that dinosaurs are actually not extinct at all was mind blowing. Birds are living relatives of dinosaurs and therefore dinosaurs cannot be extinct. Amazing!!

We then had a short time to wait in the departure lounge. The experience takes you time travelling and everything around you feels so authentic and exciting. There are toilet facilities in this area plus a small refreshments stall too which is great as you cannot go back to the toilet once you’ve time travelled. The whole experience takes about an hour and a half ish so it’s definitely worth taking your kiddos to the loo beforehand.

You get the chance to have a green screen photo done just before entering the experience. P2 was quite grumpy after the palaeontologist chat so this photo will remind us of that forever more. As a group you then move through to the Chronotex. Chronotex is the company that discovered time travel and built the TimeBase67 to study dinosaurs. The staff are really enthusiastic in setting the atmosphere, explaining safety procedures of the adventure and time travel. Everybody is given glasses that should be worn when instructed.

Dinosaurs In The Wild is a unique chance to time travel back to 67 million years ago where you are surrounded by prehistoric animals. You are escorted into a time capsule with your expert guide the chairs shake as you time travel back and it’s actually a little nerve wracking and so realistic. Then the shutters open and you are on a voyage across terrain seeing all of the prehistoric animals before you.

As you wander through from the time capsule vehicle every little detail is so realistic. You are now in the TimeBase67. The place where they study the dinosaurs and all the fun happens. The first room you enter is a research lab. You can see all of the cameras for the rest of TimeBase67.

In each room you are given a set amount of time to explore freely. It doesn’t matter where you stand so there’s no rush to be first or last, you can see and hear everything. This first room that you enter is a really fun and hands on one. You can see a life sized heart, fiddle with some dino poop and take a closer look at bones. There are viles of dino blood too.

I loved the next room. The autopsy area. We got to watch a scientist perform part of an autopsy on a dinosaur. P2 had a great question of “how did you get the dinosaur inside there?” and another child asked “did you kill it or was it already dead?” Kids are just so hilarious. There’s a little surprise thing that happens in this area that puts the guides into a panic so watch out for that.

The girls loved getting up close to dinosaur eggs. Each room has it’s own scientist to explain what’s going on so there’s so many opportunities to learn more about the prehistoric world. The girls even got to see a new baby hatching and it was named after P2!

P2 loves baby animals so really enjoyed being in the nursery part where you could see the newly hatched dinosaur eggs. The room is darkened and I’ve actually noticed from the photos my Mum took that the hatched dinosaurs are different this time around which I think is a brilliant way of keeping the adventure more lifelike. It was a little eery in this area but not scary at all.

The next bit of the tour around TimeBase67 is probably the most exciting. You are right on the ground level with all of the dinosaurs exploring around you. It is drilled in to you that if you can see them, they can see you. There are lots of different information boards and interactive screens to explore in this zone. The girls love this area as you can really get a feel for what life would have been like 67 million years ago.

I won’t be ruining the ending for anybody who hasn’t yet visited the attraction but quite quickly things turn dangerous and you have this real instinct for survival. Look at the girls expressions in the photos below. I think that tells you the story and sets the tone.

As always, you enter back to present day straight into a gift shop full of everything any dinosaur lover could imagine. We had a brilliant time and I would definitely head back. I was quite sad to hear that it was only going to be around until the end of July and then a few days later they announced that they’ve extended their London dates. You can still visit the Dinosaurs In The Wild experience up until the very beginning of September (so the school holidays) and I’d highly recommend you do!! It’s suitable for all ages and is very accessible too.

Here’s our video from the experience. It’s a real point of view walk through and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you’ve visited and what your favourite parts were?!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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