Dinosaurs In The Wild VIP Launch Event London

Months ago my Mum booked tickets to go to the Dinosaurs In The Wild experience in London. I got an invitation to the VIP Launch event which was happening the day before my Mum was due to take my girls. I decided to send her on my behalf so this post includes photos taken by my Mum, she gave me notes from the event and experience too.

Dinosaurs In The Wild is located on London’s Greenwich Peninsula. It’s really easy to access by train which is exactly what my Mum did. The girls love going on adventures by train and I can imagine them being even more excited by the trip going with Nanny and Grandad. Being located close to the O2, the girls were taken for a hot dog before heading to the experience.

Dinosaurs in the Wild is the chance to time travel back to 67 million years ago where you are surrounded by prehistoric animals. You are accompanied by expert guides as you get the ability to experience what life was actually like all those years ago. My Mum was very excited to be star spotting at the event, Chris Packham was one of her highlights.

They were then introduced in the Departure Lounge by the Chronotex staff, the company that discovered time travel and built the TimeBase67 to study dinosaurs. The staff are really enthusiastic in setting the atmosphere, explaining safety procedures of the adventure and time travel. Everybody is given glasses that should be worn when instructed.

You are put inside a time capsule machine which gives you the sensation of movement as you travel back through time. The front shutters open and the space travel machine turns into an armoured, all terrain vehicle. P1 says that she closed her eyes and P2 reports that it was really cool.

You are then taken on a voyage across the terrain where you are avoiding trees and getting really close to prehistoric dinosaurs. I don’t want to give too much away but it makes you feel completely anxious about what’s going to happen next with the dinosaurs. My Mum says that it felt very realistic.

When you reach TimeBase67 there is a huge map that spins it, it shows how the earth has changed from the time of the dinosaurs until present day. There is a dot on the map that relates to where TimeBase67 is. There are set numbers in the groups so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic, they have managed to get the right amount of people to make the experience comfortable and realistic.

The next room on the experience was a laboratory that was really interactive. There are dinosaur claws, poop, interactive computers and loads of other dinosaur related objects to explore. P1 and P2 had a great time with the dinosaur poop. P1 loved the part with the life sized dinosaur heart that would pulse when you press the button.

P1 especially was very intrigued by the next room, a dinosaur autopsy. There’s a lot of funny remarks made and the staff are keeping you involved in everything that is going on. It leads on to the egg room. The staff explain how dinosaurs used to bury or look after their eggs. Then you are free to move around and explore. The eggs are very realistic and move.

Time in each room is limited but more than enough to look around and do what you need to do. My mum mentioned that it felt like just the right time to explore and you didn’t feel rushed. P2 loves baby animals so really enjoyed being in the nursery part where you could see the newly hatched dinosaur eggs. It was a darkened room that made P3 feel a little nervous but it wasn’t scary.

The next room on your visit is probably the most exciting part. You get to see outside onto the terrain and watch the dinosaurs in their natural habitat. There are lots of different prehistoric animals exploring the terrain. You can watch first hand the dinosaurs fighting and living like they would 67 million years ago. It was very realistic and eye opening.

I won’t be giving the ending part away because you honestly need to take a visit for yourself, but things get a little dangerous and you really sense fear from the staff. There’s a lot of action in the end part and the instinct for survival. It sounds like such an exciting adventure and from the stories that have been told to me, it’s well worth a visit.

With regards to facilities at the Dinosaur In The Wild; toilets are clean, there is no food available or drink inside the attraction, the gift shop was well stocked with dinosaur souvenirs and the prices varied. As I mentioned above, my mum had already got tickets and went again the following day. The girls have said to me that the experience was slightly different the second time round which I thought that was really good to know. There are also photo memorabilia options available too.

Tickets cost about £30 for an adult. My mum says it is 100% worth every penny and she’s glad they got to experience it twice. The girls were absolutely exhausted by the end of the night and I’m sure my step-dad was too carrying P3 pretty much the entire time.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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