Unboxing Cute New Disney Emoji Toys

The worst thing about our chickenpox experience with P2 was the boredom and cabin fever. I was extremely grateful to have received a brilliant box of Disney Emoji goodies on what was actually our worst day that week. You can watch the girls open all of the goodies in the video I created:

We had been sent five of the Disney Emoji collectable toy range. We hadn’t actually heard of this collectable range, I must have been living under a rock for a bit, but the girls were so excited. The word “wow” was used many times! We had been sent some Series 1 but there’s actually a new series 2 out, it has 28 new characters with new expressions.

The Disney Emoji toy collection is based on the Disney Emoji Blitz phone game. As you can tell, they are the much loved Disney characters with different expressions. Each Character has four different expressions to collect; two normal, one is a squishy version and another a Limited Edition Goldie. There are also prop versions too.

The P2 and P3 picked two items each to unbox then the big one to do together. P2 picked to open the #ChatBubble which is a little speech bubble shaped pot with two emojis, a collector file and two pips (a display scene) for your emoji characters. The Disney Emoji ChatBubble is stackable and costs £2.99.

Meanwhile, P3 was opening up the #ChatPack which has five emojis inside. She managed to get Dory that she adores, and also a Goldie Pumba. That was my life made there in a day! I do love a classic Disney. The ChatPack is phone shaped. Her exclamations were so cute. The Disney Emoji ChatPack costs £5.99.

The #ChatCollection is an emoji decorated tin to store and collect your emojis inside. It also comes with two emojis inside too. It has a see-through lid which is great for displaying the emojis inside. This Disney Emoji ChatCollection Tin costs £9.99.

P2 loved the Sulley #Chatties as it makes 10 different sounds. She found it rather amusing. They are available in four different Disney characters; Sulley, Olaf, Ariel and Nemo. I’m sure that P3 would have loved Nemo or Olaf. Sulley is super soft and cuddly, Disney Emoji Chatties Sulley costs £9.99 which I think is a great price!

The product the girls have loved most is definitely the #Swapsies. Personally I also thought this was such a great concept. Ultimately it’s a soft pillow that you can change the expressions of with the extra eyes and mouths included. There’s two to pick from; the Disney Emoji Swapsies Minnie Mouse or Belle and they cost £19.99 each.

All the Disney Emoji products are super cute. The girls have absolutely loved playing with them and are excited to build on there collection. Who is your favourite Disney Character? Leave a comment below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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