Disney Trip Do’s and Don’ts for Every First Timer

Most first time visitors of Walt Disney World, have no idea how big the place is. The 25,000 acres with four huge theme parks, 24 hotels and two water parks can be overwhelming for anyone. According to veterans, you can walk around for a full two weeks and not cover everything. It is no wonder many first-timers make so many mistakes when they visit Disney World. With that in mind, here are some of the dos and don’ts for every first-timer;


  1. Plan ahead

Disney World is a pretty popular place all year round, so everything is fully booked months in advance. If you want to have an enjoyable Disney world experience, you have to plan at least five months in advance. Book your flights, dining reservation and even the resorts many months before the actual trip. Intelligent Car Leasing will also help with convenience as you move from one place to another. If you want to stay at the Disney resort, you get the privilege of booking even earlier.

  1. Check your timing

Summer holidays, and around Christmas and new years are usually very pricy and overcrowded. You can choose to go during this time if it’s the only viable time for your family but make sure you book many months ahead of time. However, the best time to experience Disney world is when it’s not too crowded during the off-peak season.

  1. Identify your go-to places

Disney world is incredibly big, and you cannot visit all of it even in a week. You, therefore, have to decide what is high on your priority list. Kids will most likely want to see the Disney characters first, and you can also choose one or two theme parks to visit during the week. Have a daily plan of what you will do in the morning and what to do in the afternoon.


  1. Don’t use your fast pass in the morning

A fast pass is there to help you get into the games faster without waiting on the line. However, the first two hours after the park is open, you don’t need them because there are very few people there. Save your fast pass for those busy mid-day queues. That, however, will mean that you must go to the park very early, so don’t sleep in.

  1. Don’t miss your fast pass window

A fast pass is only active for a specified period. If you miss that window, you have to queue like the rest of them. Be sure to use technology wisely do you don’t miss those fast pass windows.

The excitement of seeing everything in Disney world can keep you from actually enjoying the experience. Take your time to plan ahead so you can visit the most important places. If you don’t cover even a quarter of the area, there is always next time. Remember, always take a break when you need to. Walking all day can be exhausting and if you don’t rest, it will deter you from enjoying your experience.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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