Do You Lock Your Car Doors?

I read something on the Sky News app today about man stealing a car which had a two month old baby in the back who he then strangled and buried in snow. This is quite clearly disgusting and I will never understand what goes through the minds of others but it made me think of all the times I’ve left P1 in the car alone.

It terrifies me how quickly things can go wrong. I’ll choose a [email protected] petrol station over the normal ones if I have the girls in my car. I’ll always take the keys with me and lock the doors when nipping to the cash machine. It’s just something you do as a parent?!

How can anyone choose to take someone else’s life. Why?! What possesses people to do that?! I’m not saying that people who accidentally run someone over shouldn’t be punished but they have to live with the guilt. People who choose to do it – do they live with guilt? Or do they sit in a prison cell feeling proud of themselves for succeeding in their mission?! I definitely think I was far to much CSI.

I think everyone should be that little bit more careful – especially when out with your children – just because you are a couple of metres away does not mean your children are safe sitting in an unlocked car.

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  1. Trailer Wheel Locks

    yes i lock my cars doors and also protect our children….
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  2. I always lock the car if I ever leave my kids in there to pay for petrol. On the rare occasion that I’ve left one sleeping out the front of our house, with me mere metres away, I still lock the doors – and we live on a quiet street. My own mum laughed at me locking the doors, but they are my babies.

  3. But we also read about the crazy people so we can protect our children. As parents that is our responsibilty, to see the bad so they don’t have to, right?

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