Dodging The Rain & Having A Family Day

I have been feeling so much of that dreaded mum guilt lately. It sparks up the most at the weekends. We fill our weekdays with so many activities, trips to the shops, running arranges and getting the girls to various clubs that I sort of need the weekend as a break. It also becomes our cleaning time too.

I always have visions of the girls playing nicely with their toys and watching movies. But the reality is quite the opposite. It is literally like they are climbing the walls and the words “I’m bored” are said over and over. We’ve been limited with the weather so far this spring and weekends make soft play super busy.

Thankfully we have been graced with sunshine and warmth this past week or so. Last Saturday P1 had a Brownie day camp to attend and so I planned to take the other two girls out for a few hours. I checked the weather and it said sunny so we headed to a local park on their scooter and bike.

Here’s a vlog from our Saturday!

As you will see from my video of that Saturday, the sunny weather soon changed to rain and we sheltered inside the play hut. The girls loved it, they were laughing and running in and out of the rain. It was a brilliant adventure for them and I just loved seeing their happy faces. When the rain calmed we swiftly made our way back home before heading to my MiLs.

Typically, the weather brightened up and our afternoon at my MiLs was super chilled. The girls ran freely in and out of the garden. They made horse jumps or hurdles to leap over. My MiL made so,e delicious sausage sandwiches too. Hubby and I left P2 with my MiL whilst we took P3 with us to collect her biggest sister. Thankfully little miss stroppy knickers had a nap.

We ended our lovely afternoon by bathing the girls. Well P2 pretty much begged her Grandad to wash her hair, he’s the only person she’ll allow to wash it happily. We had such a brilliant day and not once did we hear the words “I’m bored” so that was a bonus!

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  1. I love your garden and the slide. I am thinking if buying them a new one because they still have a mini one. When my kids are bored they constantly eat.

  2. Oh fab I hate hearing the I’m boreds – when they have a thousand toys I really grates on me! I need to get out the house at the weekends though I get bored at home!

  3. It’s lovely when something that could ruin a day is actually the thing that makes it more fun!

  4. always good to have family time. Though I thinking being ‘bored’ can be quite a good thing for our kids from time to time x

  5. We always end up dodging the rain when we go out – even though it was sunny when we ;eft the house! Looks like you’ve had some fantastic family time.

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