Domestic Goddess?! Pffftt

At the start of my maternity leave I was really hands on with tidying. Everyday – empty dishwasher, reload dishwasher, empty washing machine/tumble dryer, reload them, tidy/clean bedroom, keep the lounge tidy (ish), cooking dinner, cooking my OH work lunches…. And well you get the picture.

I had motivation. Determination. Maybe it was my nesting phase?! I actually began to enjoy doing the chores.

Since Christmas… All that motivation has disappeared. I’m so exhausted and just doing one simple task wears me out. It’s all piling on top of me and I need to get a grip with it all.

Get myself back into a routine before the baby arrives.

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  1. I feel you, sister! My Christmas tree is begging me to take it down… I just can’t seem to muster up the energy for that!! THIS weekend, it WILL happen. (or so I keep telling myself! We’ll see!) 🙂

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