Doona Review – Out and About with a New Baby

We were sent the Doona a few months ago to review. You can see our initial thoughts here. We’ve now been using it for three months and I’m struggling to remember how I coped with life with a baby twice before without having a Doona!

doona car

As I said in the first post, the Doona is Isofix compatible however we’ve been using it with just the seat belt. We did have to buy a seat belt extender, but I know that all cars are very different. It does fit without the extender but you have to slightly raise the back to push the seat belt behind, hubby bought the extender purely to make things a little easier.

I have noticed that the seat belt which goes over the top of baby is quite close to P3s legs. I’m not sure if it’s due to the padding that secures her tiny body or something else. This is something I’m going to cover in the next review when she no longer requires the inserts. The Doona is roughly an inch wider than the Maxi-Cosi carseat however it still fits really well in our car which now contains three carseats!

doona hospital

The Doona has become our main buggy in all honesty, which isn’t what its intended to be so I’m wondering how well the wheels will wear as time goes on. P2 walks a lot of the time or hubby carries her so the double we have is getting slightly neglected. When P3 was admitted to hospital and then had a course of antibiotics, the Doona was amazing. We nipped in and out of the car with such ease. It also meant that it could be folded down to carseat mode and not get in the way of any Doctors. The above three photos were taken using my iPhone during our hospital visits. The Doona was really put to use here and we saw its true potential.

doona indoors

The Doona has been really handy to have around the house too. It’s so compact that we frequently use it for naps or when she won’t settle. I can literally secure her in the Doona and she’ll fall asleep. Notice that in all photos P3 is asleep, I seriously think the Doona has secret magically powers of sleep!

Doona outdoors

P2 has taken great pleasure of pushing her little sister. The Doona’s handlebar can be lowered ready to put back into carseat mode, this height is perfect for a doting big sibling and has made her feel useful and entertained during shopping trips.

The wheels of the Doona are small, for obvious reasons, which means when we go over a bumpy surface she really does bounce. P3s little cheeks jiggle around and it’s really quite funny to watch. During smoother surfaces though the Doona glides along as if on air and it’s a very nippy compact pushchair.

The Doona has really attracted attention, I’ve had so many people compliment it for the smallness and have had many shock faces when I explain to them that it is in fact a car seat. You can purchase a Doona for yourself for £299.99. It comes in five different colours; Storm, Night, Love, Dune and Sky.



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  1. Do you not worry about the fact you can’t lay P3 down and the limited amount of time you can use it for, I.e, all the rules about car seat usage with a tiny baby

    • No. The doona lays much flatter than the usual car seat. It’s not used any longer than it would if i was using a car seat with a travel system pushchair.

      • Thank you, I’ve always been a carrycots mummy as I don’t drive so had no need for a car seat. However hubby can now drive so we are still learning about these things!

        • Oh I’ve never had one so cannot compare. I really really recommend the Doona. It made life a lot simpler with having all 3. Especially quick school runs.

  2. Great review – it is definitely nice and small.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

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