Downsizing – Review 6

This post is for the ladies amongst my readers. Men you may be interested I suppose.

Sanitary pads … In my opinion the most annoying thing ever. Ok not as annoying as the brick-like maternity pads you pretty much HAVE to wear as there isn’t anything else up to the job. In normal circumstances I will always choose tampons over sanitary pads. I find them cleaner, more comfortable and I can still wear my sexy undies rather than my “granny pants”. But for now I’m having to make do with the absorbent pads stuck in my granny pants. However, I’m very pleased to have been able to downsize from a maternity pad to a normal sanitary pad in the last week. Yay!

I’ve always used the brand Always. They’ve done the job and to be honest I thought they were the only brand out there until Bodyform was frequently appearing on tv adverts. I thought of my panty liners I wore during pregnancy and that they were pretty good so I may give them a chance. Then when I went shopping and saw Always was 3 for £5 and Bodyform was 2 for £2.50… Meaning I got an extra packet if I bought Bodyform… I just had to seal the deal.

I’m never going back to Always… Sorry guys. But Bodyform is amazing!! It really does fit to your natural shape. I always felt the need to waddle when wearing Always pads… When wearing Bodyform I can actually close my legs and you barely even know the pad is there. What more could a girl, who hates wearing pads, ask for?!

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