DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow Review

It’s the main thing I’ve moaned about during this pregnancy and it too begins with the letter “P”. Pain. I seem to have been dished the very shortest straw when it comes to pain and have been in agony for what seems like the whole duration. With the uncomfortable only increasing I was very excited to review the DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow.


The pillow is designed to help support back, bump and knees. The smaller pillow sits behind your back with the long pillow wrapped around your bump and through your knees. The promotes a better sleeping position for mum and baby as allows maximum blood flow whilst laying on your left side.

With P2, I had a huge pillow that seemed to take up all of the bed and poor hubby was pushed to the side. The DreamGenii pillow is not like this at all. It’s very light and slim fitting. It comes with a washable outer cover which is fantastic. It stores away very small too in the plastic bag it came in.


The result of using the pregnancy pillow has been great! It’s not exactly helped the day time pain but it makes night time much more comfy. I found that when I needed to get up out of bed when P2 woke during the night that the pain wasn’t as bad. I was able to get up quickly and with ease. Unfortunately the pillow gets turfed out at about 5am when we’re joined by a little munchkin.

I love how the pillow can also take you beyond bump, and help to aid breastfeeding. It simply wraps around your body with baby laying inside the smaller pillow area. The Pregnancy Pillow costs £45.99 which I do think is very steep for a pillow but I can see and feel the benefits I’m getting from using it.

(We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and photos are of my own)

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Brilliant pregnancy pillow that's slim and gives optimal comfort.

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