Dreaming Of A Family Holiday

Whether you are a mum or not, you will know that parenting is exhausting. Even on a really good day when you are having a win moment, it is exhausting! Today was not a day full of win moments unfortunately. In fact, the past week has been totally draining.

The kids are spending most of their time doing their best to grind on me. P1 is being her usual disobedient and slow self. P2 is going through some pretty horrific tantrums and the stubbornness is extreme. Then P3 isn’t sleeping in her cot for the whole night any more or napping there and she spends the majority of the day clinging onto various parts of my body.


I am going to blame the weather. It’s always the weather. The gloom just doesn’t seem to shake; it is there morning to night. I really miss the bright, warm weather as it really lifts my mood and the girls seem happier exploring the outdoors in the summer. There’s no doubt about it that we are well overdue a holiday.

I have never been abroad with my hubby. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve even been away in the UK alone and kid free with him. How awful is that?! Which of course means we have never had a proper family holiday with my brood. We are a large family now and travelling abroad is always going to be a huge deal for us. Every so often I check holiday sites for latest deals in the hope that I’ll win the lottery or manage to twist hubby into booking a holiday.


Holidays are super exciting. They are a chance to escape and right now that is exactly what our family needs. We need to escape the normal daily life and the constant struggles to a place of dreams. The sun shining, the sea blue and the sand warm beneath our toes. To be able to wake up as we please, scoff lots of food from the all-inclusive restaurants, sip mocktails at a swim up bar and splash about in the swimming pools.

Whenever I think and dream of holidays that I’ve been on in the past I always think of the only holiday abroad I have been on with P1. It was just us two and I spent an absolute fortune on the best room at a holiday village in Rhodes. I wanted to create some amazing memories with her. We had a room that had a pool as you stepped off the balcony, the bathroom was huge and the bed ginormous. I had a truly magical time with my little girl, who was about three back then. It was fantastic to not have the worries of cooking, cleaning and going to work.

But for now I am going to have to settle for a day dream of the moment that I can pack up our sun hats and fly away for the biggest adventure our family has ever had. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you choose? I really hope that in the next week or so the girls are going to settle down their behaviour and I can breathe again.

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