“dreaming of sun, sea and sand”

I definitely think I need a holiday. A holiday abroad anyway. The last holiday I went on was before I’d even met my hubby! It was back in 2011 and in that year I had two abroad holidays thanks to my work bonus.

I took my Mum, P1 and me to Lanzarote in February for a week. It was a really lovely holiday although not really hot enough for my liking. Then later in the year, September, I took just P1 to Rhodes. Now that holiday was amazing, it was hot, it was relaxing and the room we stayed in was out of this world!!!

I guess you can say that I’m craving sunshine and relaxation with or without the girls. Especially after seeing Kerry Oh So Amelia posting sunshine photos on Instagram. Green eyed monster alert.

Unfortunately, my hubby has never shared my opinion of holidays. Although his opinion is correct, he would rather spend money on our necessities and enjoy dinners out or day trips with the girls rather than having a really tight few months because we’ve paid for a holiday, especially as we share the view of if you’re going to do it, do it properly. We didn’t even go on a honeymoon!

We won’t be going on holiday for a while, next year is already a busy one and the girls and I do not have valid passports! That doesn’t stop me dreaming of sun, sea and sand. I thought I’d share my holiday photos from 2011.

Lanzarote:20131204-103824 am.jpg

20131204-103831 am.jpg

20131204-103841 am.jpg

20131204-103915 am.jpg

20131204-103921 am.jpg
Rhodes:20131204-103948 am.jpg

20131204-103956 am.jpg

20131204-104006 am.jpg

20131204-104012 am.jpg

20131204-104019 am.jpgGosh I miss holiday-ing!!!!!!!

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  1. I hope you can go on holiday soon. The photo’s are lovely! And sorry for posting all my photo’s while i was away haha x

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