Dressing Up Fun With Katie’s Princess Dresses

The weather has been glorious this week. We are all getting a healthy glow on our skins and despite not having a car for some of this beautiful weather, we have been having a great time all the same. This weekend felt like a good time to enjoy some time dressing up and mixing up their play sessions a little bit.

katies princess dress 1

A few weeks ago the girls picked 3 beautiful Princess Dresses to add to their already pretty intense collection of dressing up costumes. I have been allowing them more choice over the things they want to wear or do so it was really interesting when they made their decisions. P1 wanted the Blossom Fairy Dress, P2 decided on the Ladybird and together they picked the Bumble Bee for P3.

katies princess dress 2

The dresses arrived in a beautiful purple box, they were all wrapped in tissue paprrr and each dress individually wrapped and hanging on hangers. I always worry when we buy fancy dress as it seems to break pretty easily and feels pretty cheap, but the dresses from Katie’s Princess Dresses are really good quality! They feel super durable too which is great news when the girls don’t listen to “put your arm in slowly” a million times.

katies princess dress 3

We ordered sizes 18-24 months for P3, 3-5 years for P2 and 6-8 years for P1. They fitted really well and there was also plenty of room for growth too which is always a bonus. We got plenty of looks as we crossed the road to become real fairies exploring nature. One man even pointed us out to his wife as they were driving along. The colours were super eye catching so it’s hardly surprising.

The dresses are really reasonably priced for the quality and there’s so many different options for both boys and girls on the website. So I’d definitely recommend spending some time and even letting your kids pick, I loved that part of the ordering process actually. I created a really short video of the girls playing in their outfits which you can view below.

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Beautiful dress up costumes for all ages.

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  1. wow I adore those outfits!

  2. Aww! Those dresses are just adorable! I love the bee one! So cute!

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